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North-West USA 2019

Alaska 2019

Canada 2019

USA-National Parks 2019

Route 66 - 2019








Northern Lights 2019

Bahamas 2018

Sardinia 2018

Corsica 2018

Montenegro 2018







Bosnia & Herzegovina 2018

Vietnam 2017

Malta 2017

Thailand 2017

Indonesia 2016








New Zealand 2016

France 2015-2016

Madagascar 2015

Meditarrean Sea 2015-16

Mongolia 2014







Georgia-Armenia 2013

Scandinavia 2012

Iceland 2011

Slovenia 2010

Ukraine 2010








Croatia 2009-2010

Norway 2009

Romania-Macedonia 2008

Albania-Greece 2008

Turkey 2008









Syria 2008

Jordan 2008

Egypt 2008

Libya 2008

Tunisia 2008








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Italy 2008

Adriatic 2007

Poland 2006-2007









"Travel is the only one thing that you spend money and become richer." Anonymous
"After twenty years you will be more disappointed by what you didn't do than what you did." Mark Twain

"There is such a matter as being infected with the trip and this is a kind of disease, in fact incurable." Ryszard Kapuscinski
 "Isolated  from the world, I suffered thirst and cold, I risked life. I was not afraid of difficulties and efforts.
I have lived a full breast. I have no regrets,  I would nothing change. I can’t still get enough."
Jacek Palkiewicz

"Tourists do not know where they have been, travelers do not know where they will be," Paul Theroux …because "travel is important, not the same purpose." Jacek Hugo-Bader
"A journey is like a marriage. The main mistake is to think that you can control it." John Steinback